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You can view the existing locations under locations . Next to being one of the original pioneers of the frozen yogurt industry in the Northwest, our proudest accomplishment has been our ability to turn frozen yogurt into a viable, family oriented business. We have stayed strong and continue to grow during slow times. In this year we’re focusing on the one thing, delivering the highest quality frozen yogurt products and service to our customers.

Superior product development, concept execution and business development are at the root of our success. We have a streamlined menu and operation. Quite simply, we focus on doing one thing better than anybody else. LimeBerry stores are independently owned and operated. Our goal has never been to have as many stores as possible, but rather, to have community involvement and customer oriented locations for becoming an integral part of the neighborhood.

That’s why we grant generous exclusive territories to protect against over-saturation of the market, contributing to higher per-store sales than chains with little or no protection. While many companies are just beginning to focus on the success of the individual store owner, we have always been committed to this goal. Simplicity, leveraging, and high efficiency are the key attributes that allow our company to operate at low overheads.

When people think frozen yogurt, they think LimeBerry. That’s because we offer the ultimate frozen yogurt experience. We have the power of a big operation but we become the local neighborhood location that everyone wants to be at. We’re customer oriented, supporting local programs and neighborhood friendly.


We have opened our franchise program for both current successful business owners, and hopeful business owners. In just our short history we’ve been able to expand rapidly and enjoy a great connection with our local community. As “The Ice Cream Lover’s Yogurt” we have the proven ability to bring healthy products superior in texture, flavor, and overall quality.

Many of LimeBerry’s operators have multiple stores or are in the planning stage for multiple stores.

Their success has been driven by their qualifications which include:

  • Collaborative aptitude to work with LimeBerry corporate with regards to market development and the unique characteristics of their region.
  • A passion for this business and demonstrated success in building and operating a successful business.
  • Willingness to learn and develop the skills needed to run a LimeBerry

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